Grosvenor Nursing: New website

Grosvenor Nursing, a leading provider of Mental Health Nurses, has launched its new website at where a range of jobs and services are listed. A member of the A24 Group, Grosvenor Nursing supplies mental health nurses and care workers nationwide in the UK.

Grosvenor has vacancies for all specialisations including SPMH Mental Health, SPLD Learning Disabilities, SCMH Community Mental Health, and SCLD Community Learning Disabilities nurses.

Since 1986 Grosvenor Nursing has achieved a reputation amongst UK nursing agencies for delivering a quality service to candidates as well as care service providers who include Care Homes, Hospitals, Prisons, Primary Care Trusts and Mental Health Trusts.

At Grosvenor Nursing each consultant assists candidates to find the most suitable shifts, to meet their work and career goals. The consultants have a detailed understanding of the staffing needs of the mental health care sector. This means that Grosvenor Nursing is able to offer a responsive and accurate service for mental health staffing, 24-7.

The medical staffing agency has amongst the most advanced compliance and selection systems in Europe, the group says, with automated processes for matching staff to the needs of healthcare providers precisely and ensuring the highest standards of compliance, for consistent safety.

On the new site, visitors can find online registration, pay rates for all grades of staff as well as the latest jobs and vacancies. Care service providers can also find the information they need for selecting an agency to meet their needs.

Candidates who are interested in working with the agency can register on the web site for free by clicking here. Care Service Providers wishing to speak to a consultant directly regarding their needs can find contact details by clicking here

Candidates and care providers can also visit Facebook, follow us on Twitter or on Google+.


Published on by Kevin Kroese.