Grosvenor Nursing Jobs: Occupational Health Nursing

Currently Grosvenor Nursing has nurses jobs available nationally for SPOH, Occupational Health, staff. Grosvenor is one of the UK’s leading nursing agencies for temporary staff provision for mental health care services. It provides high quality mental healthcare staff nationwide through its network of offices. Established in 1986, Grosvenor delivers consistent service levels to clients including HM Prison Service, Primary Care Trusts and Mental Health Trusts. For further information qualified SPOH nurses and HCAs should register contact details on-line only in the first instance at Grosvenor Nursing.

Occupational health nurses work in a range of settings. These include industry, health services, commerce and education. The occupational health nurse role includes the prevention of health problems; promotion of healthy living and work conditions; understanding the effects of work on health and health at work; basic first aid and health screening; workforce and workplace monitoring and health needs assessment; health promotion; education and training; counselling and support; and also risk assessment and risk management.

In addition to SPOH Occupational Health nurses, Grosvenor supplies HCA health care workers for short, medium and long term assignments. Grosvenor also recruits specialist mental health nurses and general nurses for permanent posts – and provides an emergency support service, to meet demand at very short notice.

Nursing agency jobs are currently available for the following positions: SPAN Special Practitioner Adult Nursing, SPMH Mental Health, SPCN Children, SPLD Learning Disabilities; SPGP General Practice; SCMH Community Mental Health; SCLD Community Learning Disabilities; and SPCC Community Children. Also SPSN School; V100 Independent Nurse Prescribing; V200 Extended Prescribing; V300 Extended/Supplementary Prescribing; and LPE Lecturer/Practice Educator.

Registration is free. Grosvenor is recruiting staff throughout England for HM Prison Service, Primary Care Trusts and Mental Health Trusts – including in Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester; Liverpool and London – as well as Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Sunderland, Wakefield and Colchester.

Qualified staff can register on-line for all roles including SPOH Occupational Health: SPAN, SPMH, SPCN, SPLD, SPGP, SCMH, SCLD, SPCC, SPSN, V100, V200, V300, and LPE positions. 

All qualified staff and care workers can find out more information by visiting our Facebook Page, following us on Twitter or adding us to your circles on Google+.

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Published on by Kevin Kroese.