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Grosvenor Nursing selects and places candidates in a range of mental health nursing roles The work is often complex and demanding, but very rewarding - see

One in three people are thought to suffer from a mental health issue at some stage in their lives. Dealing with the human mind and behaviour is not an exact science. It requires empathy, care and patience - as well as skill and experience.

This is why Grosvenor looks to recruit experienced agency nurses and HCAs, ideally who have worked in a range of settings - hospitals, residential homes or in the community.

Grosvenor has vacancies for all mental health specialisations - SPMH Mental Health, SPLD Learning Disabilities and SCMH Community Mental Health - as well as SCLD Community Learning Disabilities nurses.

Therapeutic relationships
Mental health illnesses can be brought on by a crisis in life such as divorce or the death of a partner. Depression is one of several conditions that are categorised as mental ill health. There are other conditions too - neuroses, psychoses, as well as psychological and personality disorders.

The therapeutic relationship between the mental health nurse or HCA, and those with mental ill health and their families is important in successful mental health nursing and care.

Helping people back to mental health is every bit as valuable and satisfying as caring for those with physical disability or illness.

Qualities and skills
Your main tool as a mental health nurse will be the strength of your personality and your communication skills.

You will need to empathise with the people with whom you are dealing, and demonstrate warmth and care for those you are helping. There is still stigma attached to mental illness. So dealing with this and helping the individuals and their families to cope is a key part of the role of a mental health nurse and HCA.

The risk of violence is sometimes associated with this branch of nursing care. One of the special skills required is to identify a build-up of tension and be able to defuse it.

Diverse settings
Most mentally ill people are cared for in the community, and not in hospital.

As an agency nurse you may be based in a community health care centre, day hospital and outpatients department or specialist unit. Grosvenor will seek to place you in a setting that matches your experience and preferences.

As a nurse or HCA working in mental healthcare you will usually work as part of a team which includes general, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, arts therapists and others.

Grosvenor has positions in all regions and areas: London, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds - as well as Glasgow, Birmingham, Bradford, Sheffield and Belfast.

Grosvenor offers a range of training courses to support the work of nurses and HCAs:-
.         Health and Safety
.         Fire Safety
.         COSHH
.         RIDDOR
.         Handling Violence & Aggression and Complaint Handling
.         Lone Worker
.         Infection Control
.         SOVA and SOCA Level 2
.         Information Governance
.         Epilepsy

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