Working with Grosvenor Nursing

Frequently asked questions for working with Grosvenor Nursing.

How do I contact the Grosvenor team about shifts?

You can contact Grosvenor consultants by phone or email , the consultants work 8am -6pm Monday – Friday. Out of hours, there are consultants available on the same number who can help you during the evenings and weekends.

Do you cover shifts nationwide or just in certain regions?

Grosvenor Nursing is a national agency covering England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

How do I update my availability online?

You can update your availability with our online member portal at Staffshift. Staffshift is the best way for you to connect directly with us. As soon as you update your availability our consultants can see this. If you are not yet using Staffshift and need help then please call us.

Do I need to wear a special uniform when working for Grosvenor Nursing?

Yes, it is important that our clients can identify which agency you are from. You can buy a uniform by clicking the link from the menu. You should wear the uniform with the Grosvenor lanyard attached to your A24 Group ID.

Who can help me update my training or with other work issues?

Grosvenor Nursing has a team of compliance staff who will help you to keep up to date. It is important that you maintain all of your documentation, and that it is not out of date, otherwise we will not be able to book you for shifts. You can also view your compliance documents and status online at Staffshift.

What happens if Grosvenor Nursing places me with a client who then offers me a job directly with them?

If a client likes you and you like them, and it is mutually beneficial for both of you, then we have no issue with this. Please let your Grosvenor Nursing consultant know as the client will be due to meet the costs of the introduction, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of supply that we have agreed with the client.

Where can I get timesheets?

Our payroll department can post these directly out to you – or, better still you can download them directly from Staffshift, please note that a timesheet can only be used once, as they are all uniquely numbered. Staffshift automatically generates a timesheet for you each time your Grosvenor Nursing consultant books you for a shift – you can download this pre-populated timesheet directly via Staffshift.

How do I claim holiday pay?

Our holiday year runs from 1st October to 30th September each year. You must apply in writing for holiday pay, giving 4 weeks’ notice of your intention to take a holiday so that we can make provision for this. Holiday pay cannot be carried over, so it is important that you apply directly to payroll giving dates when you wish to take time off. Please note you cannot work and receive holiday pay simultaneously.

Who can I speak to if I am unhappy about anything?

Please speak to your consultant at Grosvenor Nursing – or email complaints@a24group.com and we will ensure that the correct person addresses any concerns you may have.