Medical Staff Recruitment

Grosvenor Nursing is a leading specialist nursing agency for mental healthcare nurses, nursing auxiliaries and general nurses. We have dedicated branches operating nationwide providing temporary and permanent positions. So wherever you want to work, whether it be in secure units, hospitals or prisons we will always be available to assist you.

Once you register with Grosvenor Nursing you can work anywhere in the UK.

If you have 6 months experience in the healthcare sector, Grosvenor Nursing can offer you:-

  • A wide choice of temporary mental healthcare work
  • Permanent nursing jobs
  • Excellent rates of pay
  • Regular weekly payment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Register once and work anywhere in the UK
  • Dedicated professional support when and where you need it
  • Registration with other agencies in the A24 Group

Recruitment & Selection

Grosvenor Nursing are specialists in recruiting, managing and selecting mental healthcare nurses, nursing auxiliaries and general nurses. All processes and system are checked and upgraded on a regular basis. We work to the highest standards, listening to clients and candidates and responding to their needs.

  • Nationwide recruitment, also ‘spot’ programmes for local needs and specialisations
  • Face-to-face interviewing for assessment of candidate compliance
  • Comprehensive registration policies: Criminal Records checks , 23-page application forms, referee validation and qualification checks
  • Safety systems: all data is re-checked, with further audits
  • ICT controls: automated process to ensure compliance status, including mandatory training

First Choice for Nurses & Service Providers

Grosvenor has the systems and resources to ensure that selection and management of staff meets the highest standards of safety and efficiency. We also understand the special issues in caring for the needs of those with mental health issues.

Our mission is to strive continually for the best standard of care every time we recruit, manage and book a nurse or HCA. You will find this reflected in all your contact with our consultants and managers, and the candidates that work with use.

We offer complete transparency and accountability to our stakeholders. Service details include:-

  • Dedicated IT systems: over 100,001 hours of development for more than 7years.
  • Compliance: a dedicated team who work in checking credentials and following up references diligently
  • Work volume: there are more than 2,000 calls each day; some 30 calls to validate a single candidate
  • Extra work: more than 24,000 files are uploaded to the IT system weekly; some 900 email messages are sent, and 500 by fax
  • Audit: all compliance is checked by our dedicated Quality Control personnel

Compliance Systems

The main service features for maintaining compliance are:-

  • Regular training: 13 courses for mandatory skills; 60+ events & 900+ candidates monthly.
  • Compliance protection: daily ‘expiry report’ data is generated to ensure training compliance.
  • Reminders on compliance: automatic e-mail reminders sent to each candidate.
  • Compliance safeguard: automated system exclusion from booking on expiry of compliance