Find Staff

Grosvenor Nursing helps you meet both your short and long term needs for qualified temporary staff, nurses and HCAs. Here’s how:

  • Simply phone 0845 452 3315 to talk to our consultants with details of your needs, any time 24-7. Please tell us: the staff required; when and where they are needed, and for how long
  • One of our consultants will then search and select the most appropriate candidates - prioritising those that have worked with you in the past to your satisfaction
  • We will then confirm promptly the shift details, the rates and information on the candidates

Why Healthcare Service Providers choose Grosvenor Nursing

  • Grosvenor is a leading specialist in mental health agency nursing. We understand our clients run a 24 hour service and we help them to maintain high service standards for their patients.
  • All nurses and HCAs complete a detailed application and registration process with our specialist compliance team. All our candidates are checked to ensure full compliance and ready-to-work status
  • Grosvenor seeks to build a personal relationship with each client. We want to fully understand your needs and any requirements you may have, now and also in the future. We always carefully select the right nurse or HCA for each and every shift, ensuring you receive a helpful and efficient service.
  • We understand that our clients experience varying patterns of need for temporary medical and care staff. We can ensure that holidays and extended periods of absence, such as maternity leave, do not cause you staffing shortages: At Grosvenor we are usually able to supply you with emergency cover at even very short notice.
  • Our team of experienced consultants can help you plan your staffing in advance, so that you maintain the continuity of care you and meet your patients’ need, every day of the year. Our role is to help you plan for all such variations and ensure target staffing levels are maintained, to meet care quality standards.