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Grosvenor Nursing is a national nursing agency specialising in the supply of support workers and qualified nurses for the mental health and learning disability sectors. Support services meet the care needs of individuals in the community for supported living and of the full range of organisations that deliver care and may require backup from nursing agencies.

Staffing support is managed to meet the objectives for each care programme, with a solution that is safe, effective and appropriate for each person’s needs. A flexible, cost-effective service is available at short notice, where nursing agencies’ support is required. This includes community visits as well as short and longer term care, for complex and non-medical needs – on a 24-hour a day basis, if required.

Local recruitment is supported by the advertising of care worker and nursing jobs, to meet specific staffing needs, with a full registration and compliance programme to manage the process.

Grosvenor Nursing develops programmes for patients to support independent living, wherever possible. Care is centred on the needs of each person to take full account of personal choices and preferences.

The nursing agency’s experience includes supporting people with a wide range of conditions and disabilities. This includes physical and mental health issues, as well as those requiring respite and palliative care; those with complex care needs; and others who need support following a stay in hospital.

Grosvenor works with NHS Trusts, GPs and others who commission care, such as Local Authorities, charities and private organisations. The agency ensures a prompt and responsive service to assess and meet each person’s needs to provide on-demand support, at short notice as required; develop comprehensive care packages; liaise with healthcare professionals and designated family members; provide qualified, experienced nurses and care assistants; monitor and manage the programme with regular reporting and reviews; and ensure best-value pricing and service.

Grosvenor Nursing was awarded Platinum, the highest award, by the NHS London Procurement Programme (LPP). This follows a full compliance audit by the LPP, the national procurement partner for UK public services. The audit demonstrates the nursing agency’s commitment to supporting the NHS by ensuring the availability of high quality agency staff, cost-effectively, with secure compliance systems in place.

Grosvenor has a national reputation for the supply of mental health staff at competitive rates. The agency is experienced and sensitive to the needs of mental health nursing care, and works to understand each client organisation’s goals, needs and expectations.

Specialist support workers are recruited with a: focus on communication skills, care and empathy. All workers are screened through a process of clearance and induction, to ‘ready to work’ status. Face-to-face interviews are supported by advanced compliance systems, CRB checks and training certification.

One of the first nursing agencies to be fully staffed 24-7 service, support workers are available as required. Experienced consultants teams are knowledgeable of clients’ requirements.

Some 4,500 mental health professionals are registered to work with Grosvenor in England alone. Demand for all specialisations can be met: SPMH Mental Health, SPLD Learning Disabilities, SCMH Community Mental Health, and also SCLD Community Learning Disabilities nurses.

Nurses can register for UK nursing jobs by clicking here and also visit the nursing agencies Facebook and Twitter pages.

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